Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Quest Begins - I Awake.

Greetings to all who embrace the arcane darkness, and who fight to extinguish the wrongs of the light.

My life was not always like this. Before the times of the Dark Lich, the Trolls were a relatively peaceful, if misunderstood people. We have always cherished honor, knowledge, and strength above all else. However, under the time of the Lich, our lives were created as a living nightmare, even for us. We were exposed to the most horrifying of arcane rites, and most of us who were not destroyed, were disfigured in body and mind.

With the death of the Lich, our people were set free, but not without trial. During the rebellion, a band of shamans of our tribe sought to set evoke the most sublime rites of the Sigil. This was in part to gain holy audience in order to focus power in our strife against the Dark Lord. But there are those who, in their hubris, accidentally set off chains of events that would cause horror to my order, and madness to my people.

These are the Sigilbringers, shamans of our people who focus their consciousness on arcane symbols, poppets, and sites to summon forth the totems and elementals that destroyed so many of my order. For this reason, some of our arcane lodge have been branded Sigilkillers, mages dedicated to the disruption of symbolic formations in the aether, lest they ravage our land again.

For many ages I have fought infidels, secured archaic devices, and witnessed rituals of fire. And in the wake of my single-handed massacres of the forces at Skull Rock and Ashenvale, it is time to go forth and begin my work.

I will probably fail, as so many of my Order have. My younger cousin Sliz has often asked me whether this is an ill-fated journey. I may even have to fight alongside these vile beings; these Sigilbringers, but I must protect my people. I must protect my order. I must stop the summoning of the elementals or die trying.

I am Grynath Sigilkiller, and I come from the summit of Dreadmist, sailing the River of Blood, taking the dark path for the sake of my people.